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“SEGER”, the Mechanical Engineering Fun-Biking Event

To celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Mechanical Engineering Department, the KMTM Student Alumni division, headed by Galih Primayoga (TM.12), and Dr. R. Rachmat A. Sriwijaya, S.T., M.T, the Committee Chairman of our departments 6th lustrum work together to create a series of events. The series of events is opened with The Mechanical Engineering “ Sepeda Gembira (SEGER)”, a casual routed biking activity. With the theme “Segerkan Pikiranmu” (refresh your mind!), this event received good response and feedback from the university, faculty, students, and the public itself. Even after more than 1.000 tickets were sold, demand for tickets kept coming from people who want to participate in this event.

SEGER turned out to be a complete success for opening the series of events in the Mechanical Engineering 6th Lustrum. Held on Saturday, September 6th 2014, the west wing of Graha Sabha Permana UGM was crowded with more than 1500 happy and enthusiastic participants with their bicycles. Food trucks and drink booths are neatly lined up on the sides of the west wing jogging track, with a music stage at the end of the track to entertain the participants of this event.

This event started off at 07.00 A.M and ended right before noon at 11.00 A.M, just as the committee planned. By presenting some student music bands and ofcourse some Indonesian traditional art, the Angklung for entertainment, the event kept the vibe of the participants through the day. And for the climax of the event: a motorcycle, 3 mountain bikes, and 2 units of 32-inch TV’s are grand door prizes for the lucky participants.

The event was opened with a speech from the Chairman of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Prof. Ir. Jamasri, Ph.D and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Ir. Panut Mulyono, M. Eng., D. Eng. Followed by the release of 55 balloons to mark the opening of the series of events in the Mechanical Engineering 6th Lustrum. And with the cutting of the ribbon, the participants start pedaling off on the route, which is ± 12 kilometers until the finish line. This event is sponsored by PT PLN (Persero), Unit Pembangkit Jawa – Bali, Solaria, PT Wirabumi as the main sponsor, and many more sponsors that couldn’t be mentioned one by one. Last but not least, we thank Yudhistira Candra Kurniawan (TM.12), for his persistence and hard work as the Chief Executive Coordinator of SEGER who designed the epic concept of this successful event.

But we’re not done yet, there are more events to come in our 6th Lustrum: The Mechanical Super Cup, National Seminar on Manufacturing, CEO Talk, Alumni Grand Congress, Vibration and Acoustics National Seminar, Mech Some Noise, and many more. Don’t miss them!

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