Mechanical Engineering alumnus of UGM expected to have the ability to:

  1. Apply knowledge of mathematics, basic sciences and engineering sciences basic foundation
  2. Design, create, operate, manage and maintain machines and systems relating to machinery
  3. Design, conduct experiments, analyze and also interpret
  4. Identify, formulate and solve problems related to the field of machinery
  5. Work effectively both individually and in a team of multi-disciplinary or multi-cultural, and has the ability as a leader or as a team member
  6. Understand and have a commitment to professional and ethical responsibility
  7. Communicate effectively, not only with each other but also with engineering undergraduate society at large, including proficiency in spoken English
  8. Using a computer and a variety of software to analyze and solve problems in the field of machinery
  9. Understanding the culture of social responsibility, global, environmental and business of a Professional Engineer, as well as an understanding of the needs and the principles of sustainable development
  10. Understanding the process of entrepreneurship and innovation
  11. Having knowledge of the contemporary news
  12. Recognizing and implementing lifelong learning
  13. Using the techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for the practice
  14. In-depth technical competence in at least one specific engineering disciplines

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